Workplace safety goal should be zero

Work to improve your workplace injury numbers.

Workplace safety should be at the forefront of every manager’s plan each year, as losing an employee to injury while on the job could not only be costly in terms of compensation, but also lost productivity.

According to Power Engineering, it should be every manager’s goal to get to zero injuries for the year by continually training employees on safety in the workplace. The news provider suggests not only leading trainings yourself, but also empowering leaders you notice on the team to help you align the culture with your safety priorities.

However, when employees are moving quickly around the warehouse it can be easy to accidentally injure oneself. Grainger reports that wet or greasy floors can cause a worker to slip and fall. It’s important clean a spill right away, but you can also make sure that the surface isn’t slippery to begin with.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to the workplace floor, because they provide extra traction and are comfortable on the legs. That means if an employee is in a hurry while on the job, they have enough traction beneath them to keep them upright. Additionally, encourage your employees to wear the appropriate shoes, that can give additional traction.

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