Getting logo mats out in time for the holiday season

A logo mat can set you ahead of the competition.

A logo mat can set you ahead of the competition.

With Halloween days away, it’s the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. Businesses can expect a ton of foot traffic in the coming days as shoppers look to get their lists done early this year. Effectively marketing your store is key for bringing in some of the big sales and taking advantage of this busy time of year.

You’ll want to get your logo mats orders in now, if you haven’t already. In order to drive in foot traffic, you need to make your space recognizable. Keep in mind when people are walking around a lot of stores that they may not be able to see your front sign due to their vantage point. The logo mat can help you still get noticed. As people walk by from store to store, passing an outdoor logo mat will alert them to your business, causing them to look up and check out your offerings.

In addition to the logo mat, it may be a good idea for you to put out a sandwich board that advertises your holiday sales and whatever other promotions you have going on.

Taking the time to market your storefront is what will separate you from your neighbors and the competition. Make sure to really stand out.

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