Having a brand behind your open office design

Are you adding personality to your space?

Are you adding personality to your space?

Today’s workplace is all about collaborative areas where workers can come together and collaborate on different initiatives. You want to make sure your space sticks to your brand. Have lots of marketing collateral that surrounds your employees and visitors with the vision behind the organization. Having logo mats in each collaborative area not only promotes the company, but also offer some personal branding.

According to American Express Open Forum, branding your office space is one of the best things you can do, as it helps cultivate a strong environment. The news source reports it is a great way to add some décor. The logo is what makes your company unique, and if you’re able to bring it out within your office decorations, your office space will stand out more than anyone else’s, and clients will take notice.

The Boston Globe reports a growing trend in office design is creating space where people can work cross-departmentally to get the job done. By taking away the status of meeting rooms, it allows for employees to feel more open to collaboration, according to the news provider.

If you are in the business of promoting collaboration, make sure that you have the design vision to bring it to life.

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