How involved are you in the logo process?

You want your brand to speak for itself and if you’re just starting your small business, you need to clearly communicate the company’s value to its customers. Choosing a logo is the first step, and you need to make sure the design is everywhere. When a potential customer enters your office, the first thing they should notice is the logo mat. The logo should be prominently displayed at the reception desk. The logo needs to be on all of your business cards. It needs to have a presence.

With the logo being as important as it is, you want to stay involved in the design process. Businessweek reports the best graphic design clients are micromanagers who work with designers to make sure their vision is flushed out completely. Designers appreciate whenever managers work in tandem to execute the vision.

If you’re unsure of the direction you want to take but you want to have a collaborative process, Mashable suggests turning to online tools for logo design. There is plenty information available that can provide logo inspiration and help you articulate the message you’re trying to say through design. You might also want to consider asking other employees their thoughts on how the brand should be represented.

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