Lay down the logo mats for a clean office this fall

Stop dirt from ruining your floors.

Stop dirt from ruining your floors.

Keeping an office clean is a daily job, and the fall is a prime time for tracking in mud. As leaves all to the ground and people switch to their boots, there is more opportunity to track in leaves, outside moisture and other debris from the outside. However, putting a logo mat in your entryway can stop residue in its tracks.

Frequently bringing in residue can have a negative impact on your floor, wearing it down and in some cases leaving stains that are difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to extract. By laying out your logo mat, you are not only promoting your brand upon entry, but you are preventing the weather from getting the chance to damage your floors.

They can be much easier to clean as well. All of the dirt and other residue that gets stuck in the fibers of the mat can be extracted with the help of a vacuum. No need to whip out the floor polish and start scrubbing, these mats are low-maintenance and incredibly effective.

You may also want to consider purchasing multiple logo mats to keep in areas with heavy foot traffic. This can also help reduce slips and falls due to tracked in moisture.

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