Make a great first impression as your guest enters

Are you setting the right tone?

Are you setting the right tone?

An office lobby serves as the first welcome when any prospective clients, employees or business partners enter. You want it to be warm and inviting, having your logo mat prominently displayed in the doorway, so visitors know exactly where they are when they enter. You might even consider an entrance mat that’s brightly colored, in order to draw attention to your company name and slogan.

According to Entrepreneur, the entrance is the first impression someone gets the second they walk into your office. They could judge a company just based on this impression. In an effort to make sure you start off on the right foot, make sure it’s warm and inviting. In addition to the decor of the lobby, the news provider says the size is important as well. People don’t want to be overwhelmed when they enter, so designing an office lobby space that seems cozy and inviting is a great way to help visitors feel comfortable.

All Business reports that the overall office space can say a lot about a company, so you want to make sure you leave an inviting, organized impression that will make visitors feel right at home. Additionally, this can help make employees feel at ease, as they spend the majority of their days within the office space.

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