Making design thinking a habit in the workplace

Sometimes you might have more design insight than you think.

Sometimes you might have more design insight than you think.

Planning to change up your brand? The first aspect may be the design, and everything from your business cards to your logo mats will need to change with it. This will help better communicate your brand’s vision to customers.

According to Fast Company, there’s a certain art to design thinking. You need to start with the problem, which deals a lot with observation. The news provider suggests design thinking allows a person to really hone in on observing the problem in order to come up with a solution. This can act as a springboard for putting options together and then determining the directions. Having the design way of thinking allows for better visualization, allowing for the clarity necessary for making decisions.

Design thinking may seem harder to come across if you don’t have design experience, but Coworks suggests that you could be overthinking it. For example, if you start to doodle, you might be able to let your creative juices flow even more than if you try to think about certain visuals. Play around with your ideas and see how they come to life on paper. Visualizing a brand should happen organically, so just take a pen to paper and draw whatever comes to mind when you’re thinking about your company.

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