Rethink the walls before you paint the color of your logo mat everywhere

Let your mat bring the color.

Let your mat bring the color.

Once you’ve determined the colors of your brand, you want to put them everywhere. On your logo mats, on your business cards, on the company walls. There just might be one problem – too much of a color could be distracting to your employees.

Consider your workers before choosing a wall hue. According to the Huffington Post, bold colors like emerald green and sapphire blue may be taking away from productivity in the office because it causes people to lose their sense of concentration. Additionally, the color red tends to make people feel worried, ultimately affecting their ability to complete daily work tasks.

Interesting, white isn’t the answer either, as it can seem intimidating due to its “sterile appearance.” The best course of action in office décor is to paint the walls a soft neutral gray or taupe. Then, leave the personality of the brand to the accessories like the logo mat and the furniture.

Entrepreneur reports using small bits of orange and red around the office can help people feel energized, while yellow accents can brighten employees’ spirits and make them feel happy. Going for green or blue accent pieces can give the sense of calmness. Keep these feelings in mind when you’re adding your brand colors to the space.

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