Could standing at work actually make you smarter?

Anti-fatigue mats keep you comfortable when standing on the job.

Have you ever felt your brain working at lightning speed when you’re on your feet? There are multiple benefits to standing at work, with researchers suggesting it can help you be more productive and also keep blood pressure down. More people are using anti-fatigue mats to help reduce the pressure to the joints and make it more comfortable to stand.

The New York Times reports that a new study suggests found that frequently sitting reduced the thickness of the medial temporal lobe, which is critical to the brain’s ability to learn and memorize things. In an effort to keep the brain in good condition, consider taking standing breaks at work throughout the day in an effort to keep the lobe thick.

The research studied a group of 35 people and found that those who sat longer throughout the day had the thinnest lobes, despite everyone in the group being in good health.

The initiative to increase standing at work is not new, as the National Institutes of Health refers to the initiative as “Stand More AT Work (SMArT).” The research suggests early intervention into sedentary behavior can help people realize the importance of taking standing breaks at work. With more research coming out showing the damage prolonged sitting does, more people are taking time to stretch their legs.

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Standing at work found to reduce lower back pain

Anti-fatigue mats can ease the burden of standing.

Being on the job all day is always draining to the body. It’s easy for aches and pains to creep up, and workers will try and reduce the strain to joints and muscles anyway they can. One way to do so is with anti-fatigue mats, which help reduce the pressure on the joints. This can help encourage employees to stand while on the job for longer, which may also offer benefits to the body.

According to Small Business Trends, a recent study found that those who stand at work suffered from less back pain than those who spent the majority of their days sitting. Additionally, research has pointed to standing at work could contribute to greater work productivity and a lower body mass index.

There are other benefits to standing at work, as long as you make sure to take some sitting breaks throughout the day. According to Healthline, standing while on the job can keep blood sugar levels down, as well as reduce one’s risk of heart disease. While it’s hard to spend an entire day standing, if it’s possible to get an adjustable desk that allows for both standing and sitting, it could help with overall health in the long run.

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Be efficient with kitchen space, but keep safety in mind

Anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen provide added traction and comfort.

Standing on the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen can be a lot for the staff alone. However, there’s also the problem with space. Depending on the restaurant, the kitchen space can be really tiny and people have to maneuver around each other in order to complete a meal. But some chefs may argue that there is more than enough room and as long as you are efficient with your space.

The Wall Street Journal reports that chefs are actually enjoying smaller spaces, and by just adjusting their cooking style and how they get things done, it’s actually a lot more efficient to reduce space. Moreover, the source reports if the kitchen is smaller, there is more room for tables, which help drive profits.

Of course, when working in such close quarters, communication is paramount. The Small Business Chronicle reports more accidents happen when the space is crowded and cluttered. Cooks could bump into each other and accidentally cause injury if they’re holding something hazardous. Of someone could accidentally trip the other and cause a spill. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open when working in a small space, saying things like “behind” or “walking past” or “hot food.”

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Get a good balance of sitting and standing while at work

Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce stress to joints.

There have been numerous studies on whether or not standing at work is beneficial to health. On the one hand, research suggests that sitting for too long can lead to numerous health problems. This has led people to try and work standing into their daily work routine, perhaps even using anti-fatigue mats to help provide a cushion for the joints while working on your feet.

The Boston Globe reports that there is a balance so you don’t overexert yourself. If you spend the majority of your day sitting, you should make sure that you spend at least 2 hours per day on your feet, whether it’s standing, walking or taking a jog during lunch. This way, you’re not endangering yourself from too much sitting or standing and also getting the exercise you need for a healthy lifestyle.

GQ reports when people stand for prolonged periods of time for most of their careers, they could also be putting their health in danger. To combat this, whenever your joints are starting to hurt, take a breather and have a seat. As with anything, a good balance of both can go a long way in living a healthy life.

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