Get a good balance of sitting and standing while at work

Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce stress to joints.

There have been numerous studies on whether or not standing at work is beneficial to health. On the one hand, research suggests that sitting for too long can lead to numerous health problems. This has led people to try and work standing into their daily work routine, perhaps even using anti-fatigue mats to help provide a cushion for the joints while working on your feet.

The Boston Globe reports that there is a balance so you don’t overexert yourself. If you spend the majority of your day sitting, you should make sure that you spend at least 2 hours per day on your feet, whether it’s standing, walking or taking a jog during lunch. This way, you’re not endangering yourself from too much sitting or standing and also getting the exercise you need for a healthy lifestyle.

GQ reports when people stand for prolonged periods of time for most of their careers, they could also be putting their health in danger. To combat this, whenever your joints are starting to hurt, take a breather and have a seat. As with anything, a good balance of both can go a long way in living a healthy life.

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Is your office designed for employee wellness?

Design can help with employee wellness.

When you’re designing your office, do you think about how it affects your employees’ well-being? It goes beyond having an entrance mat to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling as they enter the building. Interior design can have an impact on how people feel when they’re in the office on a daily basis.

Corporate Wellness Magazine suggests trying to get as much natural light in the office as possible, because people have a positive psychological response to light. In fact, the news provider reports that elevated levels of stress and headaches were linked to poor lighting, so if you’re looking to keep your employees productive and happy, the lighting may be the place to start.

Additionally, the source reports that air quality can also have an effect on employee wellness. The news provider reports that poor air quality was tied to a decrease in overall worker productivity.

The Harvard Business Review reports when air quality is poor, a person’s body can’t help but slow down, ultimately affecting productivity. The news provider reports that productivity levels were up between 5 percent and 6 percent when the air quality was rated as “good” by the Environmental Protection Agency. You may want to consider adding purifying systems to the office.

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Think about workplace layout for employee benefits

Be smart about office design.

Making sure employees feel satisfied with their work environment is important. When they’re walking on top of the entrance mat day in and day out, do they feel excited to come to work? Or are they just plugging along? The way that you set up your office space could have positive implications for overall employee health.

According to Architecture and Design, new research suggests that building design could affect overall employee health. The news provider reports in an effort to keep all working styles happy, more businesses are trying to accomodate by designing open floor plans to increase collaboration but also offering closed offices and workspaces for when people need to focus. Additionally, focusing on sustainable business practices and eco-friendly supplies had a positive impact on employee health.

As long as employees are able to change up what they’re doing on a regular basis, they may find productivity benefits. According to Fast Company, workers struggle to stay as productive when they’re stuck at their desks all day. Instead, providing the opportunity to have more potential meetings and walk around the workspace can help foster creativity and boost productivity. When people are collaborating, there is less of a chance of being in a rut.

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Build an effective brand identity for your business

What does your brand mean to you?

Do you have a strong identity for your brand? Think about the logo that goes on your entrance mat, the colors of your office, the text displayed on your business cards. Everything should feed into what you’re trying to convey for your brand.

Forbes reports that building a true brand identity goes beyond the log on your entrance mats. You need to think about everything that your business represents and make sure you’re effectively communicating what your business represents. The news provider reports you want to keep things simple and instead focus on the core values of your business. Think about the services you provide, your employees and everything your company represents. Go back to the drawing board with your mission statement and see if your brand identity aligns with that.

However, it’s also important to stay on top of trends. Inc reports that because businesses and the economy are constantly evolving, it’s important to continue to revisit your brand’s identity and make sure it still aligns with what your customers care about. This is why logos are redone for some of the biggest businesses every few years. As trends change what people really value, companies do their best to accommodate their customers’ shifting needs.

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