Add some personalization to your lobby

Personalization can go a long way

Trying to make the right impression with your office lobby? Little details matter. Think about adding logo mats to the entrance as a way to greet guests and also provide a sense of personal detail. An office space can easily become stale and seem just like every other business, so it’s important that you add things that bring out your brand’s personality to anyone who enters.

Newsday reports that you want to add personality to the lobby as a way to freshen up the space and also showcase your brand. Think about not only having your logo everywhere, but also spend some time thinking about your brands colors and how you can incorporate them into your lobby.

Elle and Company reports that you need to come up with a distinct color palette for your brand. This can be helpful when you’re trying to do things like decorate your office lobby and try to add a little bit of personality to your brand. If you’re on the fence about what colors to go with, take a look at your logo and branch out from there. There are plenty of available resources that detail what moods certain colors evoke, so you can expect how your customers will feel while they’re visiting your business.

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Set up your lobby for success

Make your lobby a welcoming environment.

You want to bring in the right customers and employees to your business, so you need to make sure you make the right impression. Make sure you’re giving off the right impression by having a luxury entrance mat at your doorway that has your company’s name. Not only does it inform guests where they are, but also serves as a way to clean off shoes, so the lobby floors do not get scuffed up.

Entrepreneur reports that although you can’t control what people think, you can try to make as strong of a first impression as possible. In addition to literally rolling out the welcome mat with your entrance mat, the news provider also reports having amenities as soon as someone sets foot in the door. The source suggests having bottles of water, a coffee machine and even candy or snacks that visitors can take for their own consumption. This gives a welcoming feel.

BTOD reports that you should always pay attention to traffic patterns in your workplace to give you the best idea of a layout. If you’re noticing people are bottlenecking or standing because there are not enough seats available, you can adjust accordingly to give an extra level of comfort.

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Entrance mats have multiple positive uses

Always make sure your entrance mat is in good condition.

When you’re trying to make a good impression while also looking after the safety of your guests, entrance mats are a great way to do both. You can customize entrance mats to include your logo and branding, so guests know where they are the second they set foot through the door, but they also provide traction and a way for people to wipe their shoes as they walk in. This keeps buildup in the lobby and your floors looking clean.

When trying to choose an entrance mat, make sure you’re picking bold colors that relate to your brand. Also consider having a few on hand in the event they get dirty or filled with water and snow. This way, you can quickly change them out when they’re looking a little worse for wear while still leaving a good impression.

They’re a great way to put the safety of your team and visitors first while still being visually appealing. Entrance mats have multiple purposes, but at the end of the day, it’s the first impression that makes the biggest difference to passersby. Consider changing yours out every couple of years for a more updated look, particularly if you’re also changing your business’s decor.

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Pay extra attention to safety and falling hazards during the winter months

Use mats to help reduce snow from coming in.

The winter season means it’s a lot easier to accidentally slip and fall due to the ice and snow buildup, not only leaving the outside walkways a hazard, but the inside as well. Getting entrance mats can be a great way to help prevent excess moisture from being tracked into your building.

According to SFM Mutual Insurance, mats can help prevent excess moisture from being tracked into a workplace entrance. The news provider even suggests having extra entrance mats, particularly on extreme weather days, as the excess moisture can accumulate even more quickly. You can either stack the mats or continually change them throughout the day to ensure they have the chance to dry properly.

There are also steps you can take for eliminating the risk from the outside. According to EHS Today, use equipment to remove the snow from parking lots and walkways as quickly as possible. If you can hire a professional crew to remove the snow throughout the day, this will reduce the chances of snow building up over time. Additionally, make sure you use de-icer to help melt the snow and ice from walkways. Even if you decide to close your business during a storm, you should be working to remove the snow and ice as quickly as possible.

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