Try not to put too much pressure on your logo design

Your logo is a part of your brand, not all of it.

Trying to choose a logo for your business can feel challenging, particularly because this is something that will be on everything from your entrance mats to your business cards. However, it’s important that you don’t put too much stock into it, after all, you have to rely on your business itself to really drive customers.

Forbes reports that no matter how eye-catching your logo is, to think that it will boost your customer base alone is the wrong way to go about a business plan. The news provider reports that a logo is meant to drive brand recognition, not necessarily attract new customers, so it’s important to work on building a reputation so word of mouth, and then brand recognition, can help drive up your consumer base.

A logo is important, but make sure you’re spending more money in your marketing efforts for getting your name and reputation out there.

Mashable reports that above all else, your logo should be a direct reflection of your company and the services you offer. If you’re able to drum up a great reputation, your logo will only enhance it further. Use it to drive further traffic to your business, not spend most of your funds on creating it.

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Think about the workspace creatively when designing a place to work

As you enter, do you like your office space?

When trying to lay out your office in a new building, it’s important to look at workplace trends. What gets people to walk on the entrance mats into work every day should be inspiring, you want to make sure your employees are comfortable as soon as they enter the workplace every day. If you’re able, you may want to consider asking employees what they’re really looking for in a setting.

According to Retail Touchpoints, more employers are designing workspaces that are suitable for the kind of activities people do while on the job, not necessarily reflective of their titles. If you do have the opportunity to design your own coworking space, think about the people who don’t spend a lot of time in their office or those that are constantly on calls. This will be indicative of how you should design the space.

Forbes reports you’ll also want to look at what’s an engaging environment for your employees. If you’re a workplace to hold a lot of meetings or there is a lot of teamwork involved in the day to day, having an open space can help drive the conversation and spark engagement among employees. This can help when trying to increase collaboration and brainstorming among the team.

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Don’t forget to employ classic branding strategies

Stay true to branding.

Logo design is a critical part of building any brand. While creative firms may try and sell a company on the latest and greatest trends in building a brand, there are some basics that withstand the test of time. You’re going to have logos on your entrance mat for years to come, so you need to make sure the end result is something you’re happy with.

Entrepreneur reports you need to think about the old school branding techniques in order to be effective, such as creating business cards. These are a physical reminder for potential customers, employees and partners. The same goes for printing physical coupons to mail, as these serve as a reminder to customers whenever they’re sifting through their letters and bills.

According to Forbes, a brand should always try to set specific goals for what they want to accomplish from a marketing perspective. Whether it’s building a number of followers or closing an amount of sales, everything can be measured. If you’re trying to increase brand recognition, you have to make sure you have a memorable logo that can be found throughout your business and your materials. This can help keep your company at the front of people’s minds.

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Make sure you think about the ambiance of your lobby

An entrance mat can set the scene.

When someone walks into your lobby, you want them to feel welcomed. While having an entrance mat to greet them and someone at the front desk to help, a lot goes into setting the right ambience. Particularly if your lobby also serves as a place for guests to wait, it’s important that they feel comfortable as soon as they walk in.

It comes down to a psychology, particularly in the hotel industry, which completely revolves around the idea of hospitality. If you want people to feel comfortable in your rooms, you want that level of security to start as soon as they walk in the door. Hotel Management reports that the industry leaders are taking a look at lobby space and trying to make sure it’s a one-stop shop for everything a guest may need. As the source points out, a guest can grab a coffee, a drink at the bar or catching up on work at an open table. It’s important to address as many guest needs as possible.

As Ambius points out, the hotel industry specializes in human interaction, so it’s important that as guests’ expectations and needs evolve, so does the industry. This will help gain customer loyalty if they always have a good experience.

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