Stay safe and avoid spills this winter

Make safety a priority this winter.

The winter is a popular time for slips and falls, because people are at risk for slipping on ice outside and tracking in excess moisture once they enter a building. While having an entrance mat can help provide traction and sop up any moisture from the snow and ice outside, it’s important for building managers to remain vigilant in preventing injuries inside their building.

Safety and Health Magazine reports the winter is always a hazardous time for worker safety, so it’s important to take precautions to stay healthy all year round. The news provider reports it’s common for heavily trafficked areas to experience a buildup of snow and ice. In addition to having an entrance mat to help absorb some of the excess moisture, consider keeping a wet floor sign at the front so people are aware as soon as they enter.

It’s imperative for managers to make safety a top concern. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls in the workplace can lead to a drop in productivity, an increase in workers’ compensation and overall insurance rates, and unexpected costs for training a replacement worker, should someone have to take a leave of absence for his or her injury.

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Think of logos as a way to drum up recognition

Does your logo make sense for your business?

Logos are everywhere for a company. They’re on entrance mats, coffee cups, business cards and the sign as soon as you walk through the door. They’re what draws a potential customer into the business in the first place. It’s important for companies to think long and hard about what their logo is.

According to Fast Company Design, the logo is an important component when building a brand, but it’s also critical to build a reputation. The logo is a visual way for people to recognize your organization, but having a good reputation can help you with word of mouth when potential customers are asking their peers about providers. The source reports that sometimes managers can get tripped up with symbols, because they may not represent the service you provide but rather how your company should be thought of.

Entrepreneur reports you need to think about the kind of design element you want for your logo. While some businesses may choose something abstract to not represent anything but rather serve as art, others will try and use typography to visually represent their company name. You need to try and think about what makes the most sense and how well your customers know your brand.

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Entrance mats are the perfect winter accessory

Entrance mats help keep weather from coming in.

Entrance mats are the perfect way to keep the winter weather outside your workplace. With salt, sand and ice building up on roads and sidewalks, it’s easy for people to track in residue on the bottoms of their shoes, potentially ruing floors and also creating a slipping hazard.

However, entrance mats with gripping are a great way to pick up dirt and salt, but also absorb any moisture that is tracked in. If you work in a heavily trafficked area, chances are the entryway will get dirty quickly. Not only will entrance mats camouflage a lot of the outdoor residue that’s coming inside, but they serve as a way to greet employees and potential customers as they walk through the door.

When choosing an entrance mat, it’s a good idea to look for ones made of absorbent material, so they can pick up any excess moisture brought in from people’s shoes without causing a puddle. However, in addition to the entrance mat, it’s a good idea to have a caution sign nearby in the event some of the moisture lingers, potentially putting people at risk for slipping. This will also encourage more people to be diligent about wiping their feet before they set foot on the floor.

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Think about the office space your tenants will want

Leave your logo to the mat.

Office design is something building managers really think about when trying to impress potential tenants. When choosing an office space, you need to think about where you’re going to put your entry mat and continue to draw in employees and potential customers. As a result, building managers need to be up on the office layout trends in order to entice tenants.

Fast Company reports that more companies are looking for multipurpose work spaces, with open concerts that allow for collaboration. As more companies are looking for that startup feel, encouraging the employees to talk to one another more and offer people the opportunity to have impromptu meetings. When trying to build out the structure of each of your office spaces, keep open concept designs in mind.

Of course, the actual decoration comes down to the tenant. Decorations can make or break an impression when customers first walk into your space. When you’re trying to have your logo implemented with the design, go with the entrance mat. According to Inc, you want to steer clear of having corporate art, such as signs with logos. Instead, try to have eye-catching art and photographs that add a bit of personality that goes beyond the brand.

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