Can you address restaurant demand by hiring enough workers?

Is your kitchen fully staffed?

Is your kitchen fully staffed?

With more Americans turning their attention back to restaurants, managers need to make sure they’re properly staffed in order to meet demand. According to the Albany Times Union, restaurant traffic increased by 0.7 percent during the month of July. When there is more consumer confidence, people generally feel okay going out to eat.

However, what’s going to happen if restaurants don’t have the labor capacity to meet the demand? According to the News Tribune, restaurants can have a difficult time staffing in order to meet consumer demand. The news provider reports that the improving job market has prevented people from considering working in the food industry, which can be known for its long hours and sometimes unsteady pay. However, with consumer demand increasing, there could be more opportunities to increase tips.

Still, the news provider is quick to point out that kitchen staff could be more likely to stay on, but it’s the servers who might be in more of a rotation. Managers may want to forecast particularly busy times for the restaurant and start ramping up hiring as quickly as possible. This way, if someone decides to give up their shift, the rest of the staff is not scrambling for coverage as the tables fill up.

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