What to consider when hiring a restaurant cleaner

Do you lay down traction flooring?

Do you lay down traction flooring?

Keeping your restaurant clean is what will keep customers coming back, but what happens if your staff is unable to give the restaurant the full attention it deserves with a mop? Hiring a cleaning service can be a fix, but there are some things to keep in mind before hiring.

According to Foodservice Warehouse, you need to do some digging into a cleaning company’s credentials to ensure that they’re well-versed with the requirements for food safety. You can’t run the risk of having slippery floors, messy carpets or contaminated countertops.

Additionally, the news provider suggests getting to know the individuals who will be doing the cleaning. The source points out that having familiar faces on the crew can lead to more reliability. When vetting potential cleaning contracts, it could be worth it to ask the cleaning manager to introduce you to his cleaning crew before you officially sign a contract with them.

While cleaning is a good thing, there are still some safety measures to keep in mind. For starters, after the floor is cleaned, it’s important to lay down anti-fatigue mats to reduce the chances of falls. According to the National Restaurant Association, it’s a good idea to incorporate high traction flooring into a restaurant design.

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