Fall makes for a busy, creative season in the restaurant industry

Is your kitchen filling with fall flavors?

Is your kitchen filling with fall flavors?

The fall can be a busy season for the restaurant industry. Even though we still have a few more days of summer, menus across the country are turning from lighter fare that’s heavy on grilling to comfort foods that evoke the earthy tones of fall. Before you change up the anti-fatigue mat floored kitchen with new seasonal offerings, it’s important to look at what’s trending.

According to QSR Magazine, an increasing number of establishments are featuring pumpkin as a way to accommodate high demand. The news provider also notes that many companies are trying to incorporate fresh ingredients in order to get the flavors of fall on their menus but still be conscious of what types of ingredients go into each offering.

Even though the pumpkin flavor is more popular than ever thanks to flavored lattes from some of the biggest coffee chains around, it’s not the only culinary focus. According to News Press Now, more restaurants are looking into incorporating squash into the menu to add some sweet flavor while still keeping ingredients relatively healthy. Additionally, more restaurants are using maple as one of their key fall ingredients. The fight for fall customers is on, and your restaurant might want to try incorporating fall flavors into the mix.

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