Could human-less restaurants be a new trend?

There could be less feet on the anti-fatige mat floor.

There could be less feet on the anti-fatigue mat floor.

Restaurant workers are known for working long shifts, standing on anti-fatigue mats to soften the pressures on their feet and constantly on the go from the restaurant floor to the kitchen. However, a new model of eatery is looking to change the human aspect of going out to dinner.


According to The New York Times, Eatsa, a new restaurant in San Francisco, is taking the human interaction out of dining out. Instead, patrons can expect to order through the use of technology, pay at the register without anyone there, receive their food through an opening with their designated order number. The news provider reports the only humans at the restaurant are those making the food behind the scenes.


The Atlantic reports the cause behind keeping cooks behind the scenes is to give the look of a clean, automated process. Through iPad ordering, customers are able to customize whatever they want for their meals, and then the order is fed through to the line cooks. Ultimately, it improves overall efficiency and reduces the margin of error in between ordering and communicating the order to the line cooks.


While this is more of a fix for quick-service, technology is increasingly becoming an integral part to the restaurant industry, as managers look for more efficient means of operating.


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