Lessons learned in the restaurant industry

Are your floors slip-resistant?

Are your floors slip-resistant?

When you work in a restaurant, you understand the ins and outs of everything from working in small spaces to providing the best possible customer service. You know to stand on anti-fatigue mats in order to relieve your feet from the pressures of standing all day and you know to proceed with caution when walking near a wet floor sign. The restaurant industry can definitely provide some learning experiences, and some of these lessons stay with professionals.

Thrillist reports that kitchen workers understand the importance of staying busy while in the kitchen. Cleaning while on the job is important, because it not only keeps everyone safe from slipping and falling during a rush, but also makes for less work when it’s time to pack up and go home. The news provider reports there is very little reason to have downtime in such a busy environment, so if there is the opportunity to stop and pick up around the kitchen, it should be taken advantage of.

The Small Business Chronicle reports that kitchen hazards are common in a fast-paced environment where there is ample room for spills. In addition to laying down anti-fatigue mats to provider some extra traction, the news provider suggests requiring all employees to wear slip-resistant footwear, in the event a spill can’t be cleaned up quickly.

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