What to look for when hiring restaurant top talent

What do you look for in restaurant talent?

What do you look for in restaurant talent?

Hiring on help in the restaurant business can be a difficult task. Managers need to look for a number of qualifications, ranging from previous experience to people skills. Would these workers be able to demonstrate smart judgment when walking around the anti-fatigued mats of the kitchen, or would they use downtime to goof around?

According to QSR Magazine, there are a number of things to consider when pouring over the pile of applications. No matter how stressed a manager is, the news provider reports that one should never breeze through the hiring process in favor of getting people up to speed quickly. This can actually do more harm than good for both the restaurant and its customers. The news provider also recommends keeping attitude and company culture in mind when making the hiring decisions. This may set certain candidates apart.

There may be ways to attract help that a manager has not considered. The Small Business Chronicle suggests managers ask their current employees for recommendations. Be sure to go to the most trusted employees first, as they’ll be able to vouch for their recommendation’s character. Managers also see the benefit in this recruitment tool, since the current employee will be able to give their recommendation a rundown of the culture.

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