How do you manage the size of a small kitchen?

Do you have a safety plan in place for a small kitchen?

Do you have a safety plan in place for a small kitchen?

Opening a restaurant and have a small kitchen? This is an all-too-common occurrence in the food industry, but something managers have to plan for. Managers need to make sure there is enough room for anti-fatigue mats so no one slips during a busy time at the restaurant. There also needs to be a clear pathway where workers, whether cooks or waitstaff, can move around easily. This can help reduce the amount of accidents in the kitchen.

Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine suggests repurposing walls to include extra shelving. This will get equipment and other supplies away from the counter space and floor, increasing overall kitchen efficiency. Managers will just need to be sure to properly label everything, so employees on the go can quickly find the kitchen supplies they’re looking for. Being strategic about kitchen space can go a long way in planning.

Managers also need to make sure they are measuring every piece of equipment they have in order to make sure everything will fit, according to the Small Business Chronicle. Making the most of the space is critical, and if managers do not have a plan in place, it can lead to even more clutter and potential safety issues that could be detrimental to the team.

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