Are you prepared to bring on the right seasonal help?

Are you planning on doing walk throughs?

Are you planning on doing walk throughs?

Restaurants are known for having peak seasons. However, when you’re hiring temporary workers, are you making sure that they have all of the necessary resources to perform safely and proficiently? When you’re hiring on new employees, make sure you walk them through the entire restaurant, pointing out everything from the cooking line, to the anti-fatigue mats to all of the emergency kits. This will provide clear details about daily operations and can give employees a better lay of the land.

Additionally, the National Restaurant Association reports you want to really look at each candidate’s experience. Have they served in busy restaurants in the past? Do they have seasonal experience? This can help you determine if they’re the right fit for the job. The source also suggests avoiding people who you believe may need extra training. The season crops up quickly, so you may not have the opportunity to train people as much as you would a full-time hire.

It might be a good idea to really get to know the seasonal employees in hopes of turning them into full-time help. According to QSR Magazine, reducing the brunt of seasonal turnover can benefit a business, so engaging employees early and thinking about which candidates you may want to consider making full-time team members.

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