How is the restaurant industry looking in 2015?

Have you noticed these trends in your restaurant?

Have you noticed these trends in your restaurant?

Working in the restaurant industry means that people are constantly on their toes. Sure, on the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen, but also in terms of how the sector constantly experiences changes. Managers need to be able to predict trends, but it’s also important to navigate how the industry has shifted in recent times in order to prepare for the future.

According to Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine, consumers are increasingly going to restaurants, as reports have shown that traffic is at pre-recession levels. However, that doesn’t mean that quick service is slowing down. Workers may have noticed more people coming into their establishments, looking for a quick bite to eat. The news provider reports that while restaurant going is up overall, quick service has increased by 11 percent.

Additionally, something managers may want to look into increasing their technological capabilities in order to improve efficiency while increasing customers. This won’t replace the human aspect, but the news provider reports that customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and want to see it incorporated in restaurants.

According to Restaurant Engine, some restaurants are using technology like the ability to pay with smartphones, wine list applications and online ordering before sitting down in an effort to connect with tech-happy customers.

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