Do restaurant inspections need to change up the evaluation process?

Do you have anti-fatigue mats in place?

Do you have anti-fatigue mats in place?

Health inspections are required in the restaurant industry to ensure that guests are being served food that’s high quality and safe. These inspectors also look to make sure the restaurants themselves, and their kitchens, are up to code. This means that anti-fatigue mats need to be in place to make sure there are no slipping hazards, all equipment must be properly cleaned and all vents are up to code.


According to the National Restaurant Association, it can be easier than one might think to pass a health inspection, thanks to some flaws in the system. The news provider reports that many are skeptical over the so-called grading system, as many restaurants that have numerous violations continue to receive “A” grades. The agency also suggests the grading system could be left up to subjectivity, which could hurt a restaurant in the long run if it receives a low grade unfairly.


In the meantime, there are things restaurant managers can do to ensure that they pass a surprise health inspection. The South Dakota’s Department of Health provides a weekly checklist that restaurant managers should complete in order to keep their kitchens up to code. This list can also provide visibility into what inspectors are looking for.


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