Restaurants get one chance during an inspection

How often do you clean your mats?

How often do you clean your mats?

How often are restaurant workers cleaning the kitchens of your favorite restaurant? Even if they have a rigid schedule of cleaning the anti-fatigue mats, polishing the counters and vacuuming all carpeted areas, there is always the chance they will be caught off-guard when an inspector arrives.

According to the Ocala Star Banner, an inspection can be considered a snapshot of what conditions might normally be like. There is the chance than an inspector could come on an off-day to a normally immaculate restaurant. To counterpoint, restaurants that have a reputation for being a little on the rougher side may have scrubbed their kitchens extra hard before the surprise inspection.

Because these reports are available to the public, it’s important that restaurants make sure to pass each inspection with flying colors. No part of the kitchen can be left untouched. While inspections can be held more than once, it’s less of a headache for the restaurant staff to get a good rating the first time around.

The New York Times reports that because restaurants never get a warning, they wanted to determine how a normal person’s kitchen would fare. When they had an inspector come to their reporter’s home, they had 77 violations. For comparison, if a restaurant has more than 14, an inspector will return to check up, which is why they need to stay at the top of their game.

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