Restaurants see promising figures in same-store sales

Are you able to keep up with the sector?

Are you planning to increase kitchen employees?

The restaurant industry has been steadily keeping a pulse on sales in order to determine how the current economy affects business, estimate how many people to keep on staff in the anti-fatigue mat floors of the kitchen and project what future seasons will hold.

Analysts have been noticing a growing trend in an increase in same-store sales, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. A new report found that same-store sales increased by 1.7 percent during the month of August. This is up from the 1.6 percent growth that happened in July, according to the news provider.

Additionally, the source points out that the average cost per customer increased, indicating that people are choosing to spend more when they dine out. While restaurants seem to take a hit when the economy is down, it appears as though it’s been recovering nicely since the recession.

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant industry sales account for 4% of the total U.S. gross domestic product. Additionally, restaurant sales for 2015 are expected to be $709.2 billion. To put that in perspective, sales were at $586.7 billion in 2010, during a time when job loss was significantly higher and the economy was still struggling with the recession.

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