Restaurants struggle to combat egg shortage

How are restaurants managing?

How are restaurants managing?

Restaurant workers face a lot of challenges during their day-to-day. Navigating the ins and outs of a crowded kitchen can be challenging, and staying on one’s toes can be daunting. However, anti-fatigue mats are an essential part of any restaurant kitchen, as they allow for clearer pathways and some relief on the feet after a long day’s shift. However, there is a new challenge to restaurant kitchens across the country.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the avian flu epidemic is causing millions of birds to die, limiting the egg supply, therefore increasing the cost for this restaurant staple ingredient.The news provider reports that the full damage of the epidemic is not yet realized, as it’s expected that the effects will continue to last over the next few months. Egg prices could rise even higher as a result of more bird deaths and fewer egg production.

Restaurants are now struggling with how to handle the increase in price. CNBC reports that for now, the majority are choosing to keep prices the same in order to keep customers happy. This means a lower sales margin as the price for eggs grows. However, this is a gamble that could pay off and keep restaurants busy, as customers notice the price is not affected.

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