Be smart when cleaning the restaurant kitchen floors

Use anti-fatigue mats to reduce slips.

Use anti-fatigue mats to reduce slips.

Restaurants have to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in order to meet all federal and industry requirements. Establishments with a reputation for being unclean or unsanitary can struggle to find guests, which is why cleaning needs to be a priority, not only for the health and safety of workers but also patrons.

According to Restaurant Hospitality, it’s important to keep the kitchen floors cleaned at all times. But there are safe ways to go about it. The news provider suggests floored should be scrubbed before any food is handled, as dirty floors can increase the risk of airborne contamination.

In addition to daily scrubbing with a mop and bucket, the news provider suggests using a buffer at least once a week in order to get rid of the hard-to-reach grime before the buildup becomes a serious problem.

However, as restaurant workers put the focus on cleaning, they could also be putting themselves at risk for injury. According to, wet surfaces are a major part of total injuries in the workplace. The source suggests using slip-resistant floor surfaces in order to reduce the risk. Anti-fatigue mats are not only easy on workers’ feet, but they also provide the traction employees need to prevent falls. These mats should be used as pathways for when the floors are being cleaned.

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