Stay on top of wet floors in the kitchen

Holes in kitchen mats can help drain any spills.

Holes in kitchen mats can help drain any spills.

When working in a fast-paced environment like a kitchen, accidents can happen without much warning. Dining managers need to ensure the kitchen is safe as possible by installing anti-fatigue mats, keeping fire extinguishers nearby, and having multiple First Aid kits on the premise.

According to Food Service Warehouse, slipping and falling in the kitchen can be quite common, particularly given the grease and moisture that often lurks on the floors. This is where anti-fatigue mats are important. The treads provide an extra traction so that even if there is moisture on the floor, workers will have more stability.

Managers may want to consider buying kitchen mats that have holes in them, making them easy to clean and not building up moisture and other residue. This can stop puddles from forming on the mats.

There are many things workers can do to protect themselves as well. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends everyone in the kitchen identify any surfaces that could be slippery and clean up the area immediately. Managers should also advise their workers to wear slip-resistant footwear whenever they enter the restaurant, whether working in the kitchen or as waitstaff. This can help provide an extra level of protection.

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