Think about the design of the restaurant kitchen

Do you have safety mats in your kitchen design?

Do you have safety mats in your kitchen design?

When you’re building a new restaurant, you often think about the design concept from a customer’s point of view. How will people be seated? Will it be an open floor plan looking right into the kitchen? Do you want a bigger bar area? While this is an important concept to think about for customers, it is critical for restaurant managers to explore the design elements of the kitchen.

According to the Small Business Chronicle, it’s easy for restaurant kitchens to become cramped. As long as they comply with federal safety standards, managers can set it up as they desire. It’s important to make safety a major focus. Try widening the walking paths for staff and lying down anti fatigue mats. Not only will these mats add to the comfort of workers who are constantly on their feet, but they will also provide a protection from slipping and falling. You also want to make sure the space is wide enough that everyone from servers to line cooks can easily maneuver around each other.

You’ll also want to think about where certain equipment should go. Food Services America reports that ice machines can frequently cause excess moisture, leading to spills. Keeping ice machines in a corner with extra slip-resistant mats around them can help reduce the potential for falls.

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