What’s in store for the restaurant industry in 2016

Some big changes could be coming to restaurant kitchens.

Some big changes could be coming to restaurant kitchens.

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving to keep customers on their toes. Eateries need to be on top of the latest trends both in food and service. Those who work on the anti-fatigue kitchen mats all day can expect to see some changes as we ring in the New Year.

The National Restaurant Association recently did an assessment on the biggest trends in the foodservice industry we can expect to see in 2015. Restaurant concepts themselves are getting a facelift. According to the news provider, patrons can expect to see a lot more fast casual eateries brought on by famous chefs. This is a way of combining high brow dining with convenience and efficiency. Keeping with this theme, another big trend the food industry can expect to see is more home delivery services, allowing people to stop worrying about what is for dinner each night.

In addition to the restaurant setup and takeout concepts, Yahoo News reports eateries can expect to see some menu changes. As patrons look to make healthier choices, particularly in the New Year, the news provider reports we can expect to see healthier fare based on Asian and Pacific region influences. This can include the incorporation of seaweed and certain kinds of seafood.

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