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Stop leaves with the help of two entrance mats

The fall may mean beautiful foliage, but eventually those leaves come off the trees and onto the ground, making their way onto the heels of people’s shoes. Tracking in leaves becomes more common this time of year, causing dirty and … Continue reading

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Use entrance mats to reduce the amount of falls in your office building

Are you using entrance mats as a way to reduce the amount of falls that happen in your office? If not, you could be putting your company at risk. Falls on your premises can be a drain on your resources … Continue reading

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Entrance mats can help make your floors shine like new.

Maintaining floors can be a challenge, particularly when it’s a wet season like winter or spring. With customers and employees alike coming in and staining the floors, it’s important to make cleaning a priority. While having a cleaning crew can … Continue reading

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Let the public know about your new business with entrance mats

With an increasing focus on online business, many are forgetting about the opportunity for new brick-and-mortar shops. You want to be able to stand out, and one way to do so is with your entrance mat. When prospective customers are … Continue reading

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