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Rethink the walls before you paint the color of your logo mat everywhere

Once you’ve determined the colors of your brand, you want to put them everywhere. On your logo mats, on your business cards, on the company walls. There just might be one problem – too much of a color could be … Continue reading

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When it comes to your logo mat, less is more

They say that a company logo tells the full story, but often managers feel overwhelmed in trying to fit as much information as possible into a single symbol. Next thing you know, your logo mat is crammed with so much … Continue reading

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Does your brand speak through logo mat or symbol?

Brand representation is everything, but how does it resonate with your consumer base? When designing a logo for your logo mat and posting company collateral around the office, you want to think long and hard about what you want to represent … Continue reading

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Sticking with the right logo and logo mat for your business.

It seems as though in today’s business world, it’s all about reinvention. Keeping up with the Joneses has become a mainstay idea in the corporate world, and yet some brands could be in danger of losing their identity because of … Continue reading

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