Analysts predicting heating bills to rise

Winter is right around the corner, and now people are getting a better idea of exactly how much it could cost them. While it’s important to de-ice your walkway with heating mats and make sure your family stays warm in the house, analysts are predicting that heating bills will rise across the country.

According to USA Today, the government recently forecasted that the majority of American households will pay more in heating costs this winter. However, people who use oil for their heating needs will see a drop in their bills by about 2 percent, but analysts noted it’s still the second-highest price on record.

The news provider reports the increase is a result of the higher cost for natural gas, electricity and propane, causing nearly 90 percent of American households to see their winter utility bills to go up.

However, as Northwest Indiana Times reports, the actual heating costs can depend on what the weather is like during the winter and how much customers choose to use their heating. There are ways to reduce costs. For example, only plugging in your heated mats in the morning before you head to work is a great way to clear a path to head to work without having to worry about using electricity all day. Similarly, use heat on the first floor of the house more than the second, as heat rises.

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