Be sure to cut the chances of senior falls in a hospital by investing in heated mats

As hospitals are under the utmost scrutiny over patient safety, it may be a good idea to invest in a HeatTrak snow melting traction mat during the winter months in an effort to reduce the risk of falls.

While the elderly may already be prone to falling because of their delirium or weak joints, that does not mean that hospitals cannot take the extra precautions by eliminating other potential falling hazards such as slick pavement or wet floors.

Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston recently found that there are a number of issues relating to senior falls, and that while cognition was a major factor, there were other concerns.

“Hospital falls are a complex issue, with a number of factors at work,” said lead researcher Steven Fisher. “In our study, for example, we found that cognition was a big factor – patients suffering from delirium were more likely to fall.”

The focus of in-hospital falls has been brought to light in recent years, following Medicare’s decision to stop reimbursing for treatment of injuries that were sustained on hospital grounds. The report points out that this idea was created in an effort to not only reduce overall costs, but also limit the number of preventable hospital errors that result in these injuries.

Purchasing heating devices such as the HeatTrak snow melting traction mat could help hospitals cut down on the number of weather-related falls that occur on the premise, effectively ensuring fewer instances of uncovered treatments.

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