Before ordering your new logo mat, does your logo need a face lift?


SuperScrape Impressions Rubber Logo Mat

Have you asked your customers about your brand?

If your company has been around for years, there’s a good chance that you haven’t changed much because you know what works. But are you keeping up with industry trends? Do you know what your customers care about? Do you have a pulse on what your competitors are doing? All of these questions are ones you need to ask yourself if you want to have a completely effective brand.

You may have spent lots of money on your branding, everything from logo mats to coffee mugs to having a mural painted on the walls of your office. But could it be time to change your image? Some of the smartest brands have overhauled their logo design in an effort to stay with the times. According to The Financial Brand, there’s nothing no more visible aspect of your brand than your logo, which is why you should be paying close attention to whether or not it’s still relevant.

According to Inc., there are many ways to keep your brand on the cusp of innovation. Asking questions is a huge aspect of that, not only to yourself but also to your customers. If you have the resources, consider research groups, or something even easier like polling the public on social media. Have your customers be a part of the changing process.

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