Control your workers’ moods with the colors of your walls

Want to keep your workers happy and productive? Turns out, it may mean all you need to do is paint the walls to the office and swap out the colors of your logo mats. There have been numerous studies on how colors can affect the human brain, and a recent report from CBS News suggests that it can have a surprising effect in an office setting.
According to the news provider, workers who are in an office with blue walls may be more creative, while red walls could cause them to be more attentive workers. It may be a good idea for large offices to paint different rooms different colors. For example, the break room could be painted green, as the news provider reports it’s a calming shade, while areas housing the creative teams could be a shade of inspiring blue.
While you can change your office color schemes, it’s also a good idea to look at how you can get as much natural light into your building as possible. According to Inc., adopting as much natural air and lighting as possible can make people happier, leading to greater productivity. The news provider suggests glass walls on the side of the office are a great way to provide this. Additionally, it can save on the electric bill.
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