Could a collaborative design be bad for business?

When it comes to an office setup, managers take different approaches. While corporate may have something to do with it, another big part of it is personal preference.
According to Smart Planet, some offices are choosing to take a collaborative office design approach. While this may help from a design aspect, productivity may be another story. The news provider points to design and architecture firm Gensler, which suggests that it may not make for an optimal work environment.
In addition to company furniture, logo mats and designs, the idea behind collaborative decorating is that open offices get to have their employees pitch in with the design aspect.
”Results show that a lack of effective focus space drags down the effectiveness of all other work modes: collaboration, learning and socializing, as well as the effectiveness of the workplace as a whole,” the researchers note.
Still, some companies are pushing forward, according to CBS News. As the business world continues to evolve with new technologies, offices are taking a different approach to help workers interact with one another. This means the cubicle walls are coming down and employees are working together in a more collaborative environment. Although there still could be a question of productivity, helping workers interact for one another can, at the very least, promote team building.
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