Could your doctor’s clothes have germs?

Anti-fatigue mats help reduce germs, but are all materials covered?

Anti-fatigue mats help reduce germs, but are all materials covered?

There are many ways doctor’s offices try to prevent infections from spreading. Using anti-microbial additive anti-fatigue mats can help prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, not using carpets, and keeping sterile surfaces are all ways that healthcare staffs work to limit the spread of infection or illness. There is usually hand sanitizer disposals located around the waiting rooms and in the doctor’s office to help prevent the spread of germs when coming into contact with others.

However, what about aspects that cannot be disinfected? According to Forbes, doctor’s clothing may have something to do with the spread of germs. The news article points to a study that suggests white coats, ties and even watches may carry germs from patient to patient with every visit. The news provider suggests that because more research needs to be done, it’s recommended that people do not wear jewelry, watches or ties while visiting with patients. This way, it could limit the potential to spread infections.

To increase patient safety, WebMD recommends that doctors continuously wash their hands with each visit, before and after, to stop the spread of bacteria even if they are working with a sick patient. Warm water with soap can stop germs in their tracks, reducing the chances of both the doctor and future patients from getting sick.

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