Entrance mats are the perfect winter accessory

Entrance mats help keep weather from coming in.

Entrance mats are the perfect way to keep the winter weather outside your workplace. With salt, sand and ice building up on roads and sidewalks, it’s easy for people to track in residue on the bottoms of their shoes, potentially ruing floors and also creating a slipping hazard.

However, entrance mats with gripping are a great way to pick up dirt and salt, but also absorb any moisture that is tracked in. If you work in a heavily trafficked area, chances are the entryway will get dirty quickly. Not only will entrance mats camouflage a lot of the outdoor residue that’s coming inside, but they serve as a way to greet employees and potential customers as they walk through the door.

When choosing an entrance mat, it’s a good idea to look for ones made of absorbent material, so they can pick up any excess moisture brought in from people’s shoes without causing a puddle. However, in addition to the entrance mat, it’s a good idea to have a caution sign nearby in the event some of the moisture lingers, potentially putting people at risk for slipping. This will also encourage more people to be diligent about wiping their feet before they set foot on the floor.

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