Make a first impression with your lobby matting.

The lobby matting is the first thing any potential job candidate, client or customer sees, so you need to make sure it’s making the right first impression for your business. The first step is getting a logo mat that properly displays your business. This is a great way to not only keep dirt and mud from being tracked into your office, but also introduce your company.

You will also want to think about space. According to the Economic Times, you’ll want a reception desk to face the main entrance, for anyone who is coming in will be greeted promptly. Take your entire brand into account. Is the rest of your office really lively? Consider using the logo colors as paint on the lobby walls, or having fun art around the space. If you’re in a professional setting, choose calming neutrals with some basic accents like plants and leather furniture.

Consolidated Office Systems reports you want to keep comfort in mind when you’re designing an office. If you have to keep someone waiting, you want to make sure they feel right at home. Be sure to use appropriate lighting that is not too harsh and keep magazines around to read. Ask your receptionist to always offer coffee or water to any arriving guests.

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