Getting ready for winter’s chill

The temperatures are continuing to drop across the nation, and many people are starting to bundle up. But how do you deal with the crazy weather that affects your home?

While you can use heated mats to keep ice and snow at bay on your driveway, there are other home tips you should take. KARE 11, a Minnesota news channel, reports there are plenty of ways to get ready for frost, whether you want to admit winter is coming or not.

Before it gets very cold, you’ll want to make sure your heat works. Turn it on just to test it out, this way you can take care of any repairs before it gets chilly. The news provider also reports you want to clean out the gutters before the frost arrives and make sure your exhaust vents are clear of any debris.

Today reports you’ll also want to check all of your windows to make sure there are no gaps, allowing cold air to seep in. This would cause your heating bill to rise if you haven’t had time to cover the spaces. The news provider also suggests wrapping your pipes in heating tape, so you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes in the winter, which can cause some major problems.

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