June’s jobs report shows businesses are stilling willing to hire despite economic uncertainty

The economy has been promising for many, and now a number of businesses are trying to decide whether or not they should increase their staff. But before recruiters show up at job fairs rolling out their welcome logo mats, there are a few things to keep in mind.
According to USA Today, the June job report had some wondering why businesses were hiring when the economy has shown signs of weakening in recent months.
One of the reasons businesses could be looking for more employees is because they are no longer able to keep a condensed workforce. Additionally, the news provider reports that many companies are uneasy about investing in new technologies that could improve productivity, because they are too costly when there’s still fear of spending cuts.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are fewer people who are willing to quit their jobs. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Labor Department announced more than 3 million people tended to quit their job on average each month before the recession. In May of this year, that number hovered around 2.2 million.
While you may need a supporting staff, it’s important to retain the top talent. Going to networking events and asking current employees for referrals may be a great way to fill that void.
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