Keep your chefs safe with kitchen mats

The summer could mean a busy time for restaurants, as more people are looking to enjoy the nice weather rather than worrying about cooking. It’s important that the kitchen staff is not only as efficient as possible, but also taking safety into account.

The kitchen can feel like a fast-paced environment, with chefs running back and forth between dishes. Between the food and the fast-paced nature of the job, there is a lot of room for spills, which could put employees’ safety at risk. You will want to put kitchen mats around the heavy traffic areas in the kitchen, so if a dish does spill or someone’s shoes track in moisture, you reduce the risk of a fall. Food Services of America also suggests using slip-resistant coatings on the floor wherever possible. If the staff does not have time to properly address the spill in the immediate, place a caution sign in the area until the problem is cleaned.

Saif Corporation also recommends asking your staff to wear slip-resistant shoes while working in the kitchen. This practice, coupled with the kitchen mats, will allow for restaurant employees to move at a fast pace without having to worry about taking a fall and getting injured due to the slippery floors.

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