Making employee safety a priority at your hospital

Keep your staff safe.

Keep your staff safe.

Hospitals can be tough places to work. Employees could be exposing themselves to more germs, there are long hours spent on foot and floors can be rather slippery. However, healthcare anti-fatigue mats can help in a number of different ways. Because hospitals are mostly tile, they can become very slippery due to excess traffic and moisture.

Why does safety need to be a priority? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hospital employees face a greater risk of injury or illness than workers in the construction and manufacturing industry. Additionally, if an employee is injured on the job, it can come at a high price for hospitals as they need to pay for lost wages, temporary staffing and turnover costs if the employee ultimately quits due to their injuries. Notice that these costs don’t include paying for any compensation and legal charges in the event of a lawsuit. You want to make the investments up front so you don’t end up paying major costs down the line.

It’s not just the doctors and nurses you need to be concerned with. The Centers for Disease Control Prevention reports that sprains and strains are common for housekeepers who work in hospitals. Make sure you have enough anti-fatigue mats to cover all major traffic areas to prevent falls.

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