Meeting the needs of your younger workers

Open floor plans are all the rage in the professional world, but does that mean it’s the right setting for younger workers? Employees who consider themselves introverts may have a hard time being out in the open with everyone, particularly if there are loud, distracting employees. It’s important to create spaces, whether it be conference rooms or areas barricaded by cubicles, where people can work uninterrupted. Be sure to decorate with logo mats, wall hangings and other memorabilia to make it still feel like a part of the office.

The Chicago Tribune reports that NeoCon, an office design expo, was all about finding different ways to attract millennial workers. The news provider suggests a flexible work environment is what brings in the young professionals, and it’s important that you take this into account when bringing in your workforce.

Pick a layout that’s made for collaboration, but also has private areas where people who prefer to work in a quiet setting can do so. Cubicles aren’t going to cut it anymore, as experts say this design can make millennials feel isolated.

Forbes reports some people can feel territorial about their space, so it’s important that even if you take down barriers, you still provide workers with personal space. Spacing out desks is one way to do this, or having people share cubicles.

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