Is your open floor plan doing your employees a disservice?

How is your office set up?

How is your office set up?

One of the major trends in business right now is an open office design. In addition to outfitting newer companies with logos everywhere and exciting decorations, many businesses are trying to bring their employees together. Despite this growing trend, there is one major hindrance – open floor plans can ultimately affect your employees in a negative way.

According to Business Insider, being able to build friendships at work is one of the benefits to the corporate world. However, in an open environment, it could be difficult to form these kinds of bonds, as people will be reluctant to really open up in a setting for all to see and hear.

It’s not only the social aspect that could feel the negativity of an open-office floor plan. The New Yorker reports that employees have reported that germs are easier to spread in such a setting, increasing the chance of illness.

There are ways to combat this – when choosing an office, try and pick one that has cubicles built in or separate areas throughout the building. Decorate these extra rooms with logo mats and other company memorabilia so your employees know it’s a safe environment to go to. Provide a bit of privacy for those who like to work in a quiet setting.

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