Part-time restaurant work a growing trend

More people are looking for part-time kitchen work.

More people are looking for part-time kitchen work.

The restaurant industry employs millions of people each year, whether for seasonal help, a full-time gig or people looking to make a little extra cash. Those who walk along the rubber mats of the kitchen aren’t necessarily always looking to make the restaurant business their full-time gig however, some could just be looking for a hobby.

According to the Washington City Paper, more people want to be a part of the dining scene and pick up a little extra cash here and there. However, they have full-time jobs in the typical 9 to 5 industries, meaning that they’re looking to work the dinner rush. In cities where going out to eat has never been bigger, people are finding working the restaurant scene is a way to be a part of the action.

However, managers need to make sure they can properly train those who are using it as a part-time gig. According to Restaurant Engine, it is critical that all employees, regardless of how often they work, have the knowledge of the restaurant and are able to provide consistently good service. The news provider reports this means you’ll need to provide as much hands-on training as possible to ensure part-timers are up-to-speed.

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