Put safety first at your business with entrance mats

Falls are a prevalent occurrence in today’s society, and they have the potential to be deadly. According to the World Health Organization, across the world more than 37.3 million falls occur that require medical attention. As a business owner, you want to protect yourself as well as your customers and put safety at the forefront of your strategy.

Buying entrance mats that have backing can help reduce the amount of moisture coming into your business. This could make your floors less slippery and reduce the chances of someone taking a spill.

Winter is a particularly hazardous month, as ice, snow, rain and salt can make for very slippery conditions. By putting in a heavy duty entrance mat that soaks up moisture, you can soak up any residue before people enter the building. This will also keep puddles from forming in high-traffic areas.

You’ll also want to put up caution signs as an extra safety measure. If people know the floors are wet and potentially dangerous, they could watch where they’re going and make sure to be extra careful when walking.

If you have someone at the front of the business, have them greet people and assist clients, if needed, as they walk in. You’ll show your customers that their safety is your concern.

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