Set up your lobby for success

Make your lobby a welcoming environment.

You want to bring in the right customers and employees to your business, so you need to make sure you make the right impression. Make sure you’re giving off the right impression by having a luxury entrance mat at your doorway that has your company’s name. Not only does it inform guests where they are, but also serves as a way to clean off shoes, so the lobby floors do not get scuffed up.

Entrepreneur reports that although you can’t control what people think, you can try to make as strong of a first impression as possible. In addition to literally rolling out the welcome mat with your entrance mat, the news provider also reports having amenities as soon as someone sets foot in the door. The source suggests having bottles of water, a coffee machine and even candy or snacks that visitors can take for their own consumption. This gives a welcoming feel.

BTOD reports that you should always pay attention to traffic patterns in your workplace to give you the best idea of a layout. If you’re noticing people are bottlenecking or standing because there are not enough seats available, you can adjust accordingly to give an extra level of comfort.

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