Stay dry during the rainy months with a super soaker inlay mat

Before the snow can hit us in full force this winter, it seems as though much of the country will be battling rain this season, as it’s not quite cold enough for water to freeze.

Despite the fact that the northeast had a surprisingly strong snowstorm last month known as “Snowtober,” and San Diego and other parts of California are bracing themselves for early winter snow, the majority of the country is still only seeing rain.

Due to footwear picking up moisture from outside, many people can track in puddles and moisture wherever they enter, making for a potential falling hazard for consumer-based businesses.

While some business owners may be wondering what they can do in order to keep their customers safe while still promoting their brand, the super soaker inlay mat could help.

Not only does it help prevent slippery falls, but it also traps dirt and water. Branding savvy business owners may also enjoy their logo featured right on the mat, welcoming their consumers as they come in from the rough, wet weather.

These mats are great for the consumers, as well as the storeowners, as it will help keep floors clean and free of dirt and moisture.

This idea can also be taken into the winter when the snow begins to melt and there are puddles everywhere. These mats are perfect for this time of year when people are gearing up for the especially wet months, whether it is due to rain or melted snow.

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